CD/DVD The Sound Of My Room (2015)

Recorded live in São Paulo, on April, 2015. Lari Basilio came to the studio to record her new album and DVD live. With her musical production, Lari recorded 10 original songs, including some special guests: Jean Carllos (Oficina G3), Andre Nieri, Joe Basilio, Mari Jacintho and Lucas Bidran.
The full DVD contains 10 songs performed live, a mini documentary and backstage scenes.

General Production: New Walk Produções | Musical Production: Lari Basilio | Video Direction: Tadeu Bara.


01.Esperanza                                                             06. Hey Charlie! (feat. Jean Carllos)
02. Moving on                                                            07. Dance with me
03. Plenitude                                                              08. New Time
04. Revolution (feat. Andre Nieri)                            09. Walking by Faith (Acoustic)
05. Two-Trick (feat. Joe Basilio)                             10. The Sound Of My Room

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