Masterclass: Finger Picking
Postado em 02 de November de 2017 @ 11:33 pm


Finger picking is the perfect tool for expanding your musical ideas and possibilities on the instrument. Giving you an extended melodic range with ease, more tonal abilities and a whole new range of dynamics, this technique is in the tool-bag of all the pros and will really open up your chordal and soloing playing.

No matter what experience you already have with finger picking, Lari’s masterclass will serve as the perfect guide for players of all abilities and will help you get your finger picking skills up to scratch!

Lari covers everything you need to know! This masterclass course will teach you what finger picking is, why you should use it, the fundamentals of hand positions (including the classical method and Lari’s own approach), tone discussions about the differences between playing with nails or flesh as well as various approaches to dynamics and note-manipulation!

Moving onto the videos and audio you’ll find 41 exercises (played both fast and slow) designed specifically to equip you with the skills necessary to cover a vast array of different finger picking ideas and situations. You’ll be working with everything from string skipping, muting, legato and percussive techniques to adding bass notes, hand-synchronisation, finger-rolling, double-stops and more! Lari also takes things a step further by applying the concepts to various scales and arpeggios to show you how these ideas can be developed and applied.

Next up come the solos! Lari has laid down two wonderfully tasteful and inspiring solos filled with finger picking ideas and extra licks for you to learn, study and master! She’s also included 10 separate licks for each of the two solos. These break down the full playing of the solos into 10 key ideas played slowly in isolation so that you can learn and internalise everything in bite-sized chunks, as you watch all the techniques in context.

Once you’ve mastered the two solos, we’ve included the two full backing tracks for you play over, or create your own finger picking ideas using everything you’ve learned in this masterclass course!

As always we’ve included all the TAB/Notation for everything and Lari has even translated the lesson PDF into Portuguese for the fans and followers in her home country too!

Check out the promo video in the ‘Overview’ tab, then click the ‘Buy’ button (for instant download) or hit +MyLibrary to start learning today and raise your game with JTC!

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